A Fit Woman to Be Removed

So, it opens tomorrow. Well, preview is tomorrow. I’m a bit terrified, to be perfectly honest. But it will be what it will be. And at least it will be out of my mind, body and mouth and into the world. I’ve been researching and writing this show for the last two years. Two years of reading about horrible horrible things done to women, men and children in the name of “mental health.” The only thing I hope that might come from this is that you might walk out thinking a little differently about the bag lady at the bus stop that talks to herself. And maybe next time you see her, you’ll actually look into her eyes instead of turning yours away.

They call her retard, idiot, cripple, feeb, tardo, fucktard, animal, shit stain, moron, freak…

Children are humane in their cruelty. It is open and honest.
Children make fun of the girl with bad clothes, the girl that doesn’t get a bath, the girl who doesn’t have food in her satchel.
Most adults are disgusted by the weak, the sick. They turn their eyes away and look into the pretty parts of themselves so that they don’t have to allow it in. They hide it away so it won’t spread to them.

from “A Fit Woman to Be Removed” by Charlesanne Rabensburg


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