So Good For Me

I post poetry that others have written because I don’t like my own.
I like my prose, but my poetry always seems childish to me.

But, to thank everyone for liking my past few posts, here’s one of my own along with some art.

Be kind.

My poor attempt at being Dorothy Parker…

So Good For Me

so proud, so proud I thought myself
so proud and fit and strong
and on my pride his ass did sit
and showed me I was wrong.

how fair, how fair I saw myself
fair eyes of sparkling blue
then his wandering prick, it crooned to me
you’re used and they’re brand new.

well loved, well loved I told myself
his lies were lovable foes
I was much too plain and sad for him
I’m not the one he chose.

my dull brown hair, my pale white skin
my wit too crude and mean
I hope his brand new bouncy lass
downs a gallon of gasoline.

so now, so now I pine alone
pretending he is here
not that he was so good for me
dying alone is what I fear.

words by me
ink print by me


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