I’ve Been Away

I’m moving, again.
So I’ve been neglecting writing. I’ve built some things and taught some classes, but very little writing.
I tried to think of someone I wanted to quote and came up empty.

So you have to suffer through another one of mine…


virgin/whore, I’m never both
never one the same
either worshiped like the eternal child
or touched with naught but shame

men splay me on their pinning board
pinned through, bare souled I’m lain
or my sweetness causes virgin thoughts
and my heat is all in vain

can’t people both make love and fuck?
I feel choosing one’s a bore
love me like the virgin please
but every now and then, the whore

Les Demoiselles d’Avignon by Pablo

Semi-crummy poem by me

Photo of beautiful painting of beautiful whores by me


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