Crumble, Lay Me Down Justin Timberlake… Reviews!

Crumble3-credit-Phil-Dembinski“The holidays are NOT wonderful for many. There is too much pain, too many memories, and loved ones are missing from the holiday table. And the first half of Crumble (Lay Me Down, Justin Timberlake) is mysterious and frustrating introduction to a collection of characters who are miserable, obviously adrift with grief one year after a holiday accident. But playwright Sheila Callaghan’s text and AJ Ware’s keen direction – matched with fine performances and some theatrical cunning – bring the evening into a clear and powerful focus. How these characters change in the 80 minute piece is delightful and intriguing – the best kind of theatrical experience. All three of the women are great… Rabensburg is the emotional and authentic center…”


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