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Charlesanne Rabensburg

Hair: Brown        Eyes: Blue        Height: 5’ 7″        Weight: 140      Voice: Alto

Richard III                     Duchess of York                    Wayward Productions
A Fit Woman to be Removed *, **	Agnes, 80, Lil’			   The Ohio State University
This Above All *, **		Penny, Ms. Angst, Queen Margaret   The Ohio State University
Living Out			Nancy				   The Ohio State University
The Camouflage Project *, **	Noor Kaahn, Sonja Olschanezky	   The Ohio State University
Othello +			Desdemona			   The Ohio State University
Three Sisters			Masha				   The Ohio State University
O Pioneers!			Marie Tovesky			   The Ohio State University
Palmer Park			Harriet Rifkin			   The Ohio State University
Hunter Gatherers ***		Pam				   The Catastrophic Theatre
Spirits to Enforce ***		Susan, Memory Lass, Miranda	   The Catastrophic Theatre
The Tamarie Cooper Show *, ***	Featured Chorus			   The Catastrophic Theatre
Hide Town *, *** 		Olive		    		   Infernal Bridegroom Productions
Speeding Motorcycle *, *** 	Featured Chorus  		   Infernal Bridegroom Productions
Uncle Vanya *** 		Sofya 				   Infernal Bridegroom Productions
Medea ***			Nurse 				   Infernal Bridegroom Productions 
Baal ***			Sister, Chanteuse, Girl		   Infernal Bridegroom Productions
The Hotel Play 			Inez 				   Infernal Bridegroom Productions 
Symphony of Rats 		Kate 				   Infernal Bridegroom Productions 
Rhinoceros 			Daisy 				   Infernal Bridegroom Productions 
Tamalalia 8, 9, X		Featured Chorus 		   Infernal Bridegroom Productions
Ivan the Fool 			Tatianna, Malanya 		   Bobbindoctrin Puppet Theatre
Beyond Therapy 			Charlotte 			   University of Houston
Top Girls 			Patient Griselda, Nell 		   University of Houston 
Our Country’s Good 		Dabby Bryant 			   University of Houston
Who Will Carry the Word? 	Agnes 				   University of Houston
Romeo and Juliet 		Rosalyn 			   Houston Shakespeare Festival
King John 			Seer of Phomphret 		   Houston Shakespeare Festival
Thirteen Miles to Security	Tess				   Edward Albee New Playwright’s Festival
Einstein’s Son 			Lindey, Ms. LeBlanc 		   Edward Albee New Playwright’s Festival 

*world premier		**creator/devisor		***company member
+Directed under the OSU/RSC partnership by Alison Bomber, Head Voice and Text Coach
for the Royal Shakespeare Company

Star and the Snowman (spec)	Star/Shirl			   Arbor Avenue Films
Speeding Motorcycle		Feature Chorus			   Hot Pixel Action
Smoking Cessation Education	Principal (VO)			   Radiant Creative for Tx DOE
Peer Pressure Education		Movie Star (VO)			   Radiant Creative for Tx DOE

A Fit Woman to be Removed	Designer, Director, Playwright	   OSU Solo Thesis Performance 
This Above All 			Designer, Co-Director, Co-Devisor  OSU/RSC Stand Up For Shakespeare 	
The Camouflage Project		Co-Devisor			   OSU Britain's Special Op Executive, WWII 

Masters of Fine Arts, June 2012		The Ohio State University
Bachelor of Arts, 2005			The University of Houston

Acting/Shakespearean			Alison Bomber (RSC)
Acting/Meisner				K. Todd Freeman (Steppenwolf Theatre Company)
Stage Combat, Mime and Movement		Brian Byrnes, Jeanine Thompson
Viewpoints, Suzuki			Tom Nelis and Stephen Duff Webber (The SITI Company)
Voice 					Deborah Kinghorn, Yanci Bukovec, Mandy Fox, Alison Bomber (RSC)
Alexander Technique			Raymond Beaver
Dance					Karen Stokes

SPECIAL SKILLS: Movement and Acting Coaching, Flutist, Piccoloist, Costume Design,
Sewing (Hand, Machine, Knitting, Crochet), Horseback Riding, Basic Tumbling,
Yoga (Hatha and Bikram), Avid Editing, Devising, Directing, Playwrighting

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