Not Safe For Work, except my work.

I actually gave the Marat/Sade cast the homework to go home and look up The Kama Sutra online and bring in one sexual position that they had never see/heard of/thought of. I got a a lot of “YEEESSS!” On the other hand, I got a few blank stares. Oh University theatre, how I love you. I’d be strung up if this was High School. But then, any High School that would actually be putting on Marat/Sade would be asking for it.


My Marat/Sade Kids

I’m so incredibly proud of these guys and gals. Being on stage is an amazing experience. Getting to watch the students that you are coaching is a different, and in some way deeper, experience. With the Laban and Viewpoints that I’ve given them crash courses in and the research that I supplied them with, they are all really beginning to build the most affecting characters. This next week will be really tough, but exciting. I have physical violence and intimacy to choreograph and deeper physical work to delve into with them. I can’t wait.

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