Salome opens March 13th at The Right Brain Project!

art below by Joseph Ramski

Salome Headshot

This one has been an interesting process for me, seeing how I am the Movement Director, Choregrapher, and playing Herodias. I think I might be a little exhausted. We’re all working our tails off for it, there is even an all original score by Trevor Watkins. We might all be a little exhausted.

Other things on the horizon:
I’m headed to Columbus, OH in May to culminate (for the time being) a two year outreach project headed by playwright Nicola McCartney hand in hand with Rachel’s House, a women’s recovery community in Columbus, Ohio. Through professional actors, the women tell their stories of leaving the criminal justice system and the difficult transition back to their communities while battling addiction and hopelessness.


Not Safe For Work, except my work.

I actually gave the Marat/Sade cast the homework to go home and look up The Kama Sutra online and bring in one sexual position that they had never see/heard of/thought of. I got a a lot of “YEEESSS!” On the other hand, I got a few blank stares. Oh University theatre, how I love you. I’d be strung up if this was High School. But then, any High School that would actually be putting on Marat/Sade would be asking for it.

My Marat/Sade Kids

I’m so incredibly proud of these guys and gals. Being on stage is an amazing experience. Getting to watch the students that you are coaching is a different, and in some way deeper, experience. With the Laban and Viewpoints that I’ve given them crash courses in and the research that I supplied them with, they are all really beginning to build the most affecting characters. This next week will be really tough, but exciting. I have physical violence and intimacy to choreograph and deeper physical work to delve into with them. I can’t wait.

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