Alison Bomber
Head Voice and Text Coach, The Royal Shakespeare Company

Working with Charlesanne is a huge joy.  As an actor, she brings to the process complete commitment, curiosity and courage.  I directed her as Desdemona, as well as working with her in numerous workshop explorations, and she was always brilliant to have in the room.

She combines a sharp, inquiring mind with a flexible and expressive body; and the depth and strength of her underlying technique – physical and vocal – means that she is able, in the moment, to be fully alive, spontaneous and responsive in a really organic and exciting way.  Similarly, with Shakespeare’s language, she was able to employ the necessary intellectual rigor in unpacking the text but, then, to allow the rhythms, textures and potency of the words to infuse her performance with incredible specificity and dynamism.

She is a daring risk-taker in performance, but because of the solid underpinning provided by her craft and the rigorous work she puts in during rehearsals, those risks pay off, and she can really fly.

As part of a company, she is incredibly generous and open-hearted with her fellow performers, and with her contributions to the creative process.  Her range is exceptionally broad: she can convey a startling fragility or a steel backbone of strength with equal truth and power, and she has that great ability – so vital with Shakespeare – to turn on a sixpence from one to another.  I am always on the lookout for any opportunity to work with her again, and I know she’d be an asset to any company.







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